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Amplify Alumni

Amplify alumni of the Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes are the Amplify’s ambassadors to the outside world. As an alumnus, you get a lifelong e-mail forwarding facility that helps you network with other alumni.

The Amplify Alumni Portal is a place for the convergence of current and past students of Amplify DITM. Here Alumni post their profiles and links to more information about themselves. They share professional information such as their workplace, company and career happenings, plus personal information with friends who are still in college or scattered across the globe. Information also includes links to their other online social networks such as Facebook, Orkut and LinkedIn.

The Amplify Alumni Portal also has a section for forums in which open-ended discussions can be held online. Here Alumni can communicate with each other, with faculty at Amplify as well as current students of Alumni. Forums range from “Canteen” for informal banter to “Careers” and even a Job Notice board. It is expected that alumni who are looking for employees for their organizations will use this forum to find like-minded people to work with them. Also, Alumni looking for a change may look here for jobs posted by Amplify’s Placement division.

There is also a section for events that may be of interest to Alumni, including Alumni meets, external job fairs and events at college that Alumni may want to attend. Both Alumni and Amplify staff are expected to post events to this section.

We encourage you to participate in student orientation programmes and information sessions. We also invite you to stay involved with the School through the mentoring programme.

For any queries please contact office Alumni Relations at: alumni@amplifymind.com