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The BSc-IT program offers new challenges when compared to the traditional computing environment. The recent emergence of the global business, new technologies for data processing and data communication / networking environment, equip specialized science graduates focus on the development of the professional careers in the area of Information Technology. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology [BSc-IT] program has been developed to provide the students with adequate knowledge both theoretical and practical that is necessary to enable them to participate in the design of complex problem in IT industry. BVDU IT programs intend to equip graduates with the knowledge and skill required to contribute to this vital area of Information Technology.

Primary objectives of this programme:
  • Knowledge of computer and programming logic environment in IT.
  • Develop strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Skills to work with advanced IT applications in different business sectors.
  • Equipping students with the technical knowledge required for an IT professional to handle multi-tasking and multi-programming situations and to assess and develop computer based solutions.
Skills Provided
  • Knowledge of technology fundamentals
  • Extensive knowledge in implementation of the technology through project work and rigorous assessments.
  • Emphasis on subject specialization rather than generic skills. Specialization through electives in areas such as Programming skills, customization skills, code re-engineering, code review, quality norms and basic organizational deliverables.
  • Exposure to latest technologies and tools used by the organizations worldwide.