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Enablers of smart devices which make our lives so much easier, professionals trained in Embedded Systems Technologies are a rare and highly sought after group in the recruitment marketplace. Considering the vast scope of the field, ranging from telecom to medical to consumer electronics to aerospace, the demand for embedded systems engineers for product development and application, will continue to grow in the years to come. Realizing the growth and promise of embedded systems in day-to-day life and the need for trained manpower in this promising area, BVDU-Amplify has launched a Bachelor of Science - Embedded Systems.

Embedded Systems is an exciting field for gifted professionals who have a sound knowledge of both hardware and software. Keeping this in view, BVDU-Amplify has designed this Bachelors program with equal emphasis on the architecture, design and programming of both hardware and software. This will enable graduates to face any challenges in the design and development of state-of-the-art embedded systems and products. The curriculum includes a module on advanced embedded design & research, specifically focusing on each of the technologies in embedded domain.

Graduates of this program will find work in almost any industry including Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Product Manufacturers (for Medical, Defense, Manufacturing and others). Job Profiles include Embedded Systems Developers/Designers, Embedded Engineers, Product Designers, Product Engineers and Product Architects.

Benefits of The Program
  • Teaches current tools and techniques that are widely used in industry.
  • Imparts hands-on practical knowledge and implementation techniques.
  • Gears learners to be adequately prepared for work in industry and to making significant contributions early in their careers.
  • Participation in a highly project-based curriculum.
  • Enhancement of knowledge that can be directly applicable to career development.
  • Makes students more marketable to employers, as they will possess working knowledge in current technologies.
  • Allows students as pioneers in the field to start their own hugely scalable businesses in the areas of Product Design/Engineering, Embedded Systems Design and Consulting and many more
Skills Provided
  • Embedded systems – basic to advanced programming and design skills
  • Ability to create applications from scratch
  • Diagnostics and analytical skills
  • Project management and delivery skills
  • Quality and technology deployment methodologies
  • Technology framework and architecture for implementation.
  • Technology Research and Implementation