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Bachelor of Science In Statistics & Applied Analytics

The need for rigorous evaluation of components of health care is increasingly recognized worldwide. An important type of evaluation is the randomized controlled clinical trial. What is more, the field is growing and offers excellent career prospects. The course is suitable for both - those wishing to gain an overall understanding of trials before moving into the field, and those who have general or specialist experience in clinical trials.

In addition, businesses of all kinds are now relying on Analytics to define markets, ideate products and use available corporate data. A huge demand for graduates with these skills exists and will exist or many years as companies move into a wider array of drugs and other products requiring analysis of copious data.

Graduates of the STATISTICS & APPLIED ANALYTICS degree program may find careers with various health care & general business houses for analysis of data & related decision making areas. You will also be working at the cutting edge of technology – more than any other single discipline.

Graduates of the Computer Animation & Gaming degree program may find careers as part of teams making animated movies and commercials, effects teams in non-animated movies, teams developing games on various platforms and even producing their own films. Possible job titles initially are Programmer, Animator, Multimedia Artist, Effects Supervisor or Team leader.

Pune ranks first in the number of gamers according to a recent survey by India Games, so building your network in the industry will be off to a flying start through this Bachelors Degree in Animation & Gaming.

Among other things you will learn 3D Modeling, 2D Paint tools, 2D & 3D Animation as well as programming in languages like C++ and DotNet. You will also learn game theory, character animation and tools to create special effects and intelligence in games.

Benefits Of The Program
  • Learners will have the flexibility of studying the tools and techniques that are widely used in industry for data analytics both in business domains & health care industry.
  • Gain hands-on practice on practical knowledge.
  • Gears learners up to be adequately prepared for work in industry.
  • Prepares learners for making a significant contribution to the industry including health care which is emerging as dominating industry.
  • Learners will be more marketable, as they will possess training in current technologies.
  • Enhance knowledge that can be directly applicable to career development.
  • Participate in more project-based curriculum
Skills Provided
  • Analytical skills – basic to advanced including quantitative techniques.
  • Diagnostics and analytical skills
  • Design and delivery skills
  • Technology framework and architecture for implementation.
  • Technology Research and Implementation.