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The Master of Science in Information Technology [MSc-IT] Program is designed and implemented by advanced traditional computing environment. IT architecture is an integrated framework for acquiring and evolving IT to achieve strategic goals. It has both ’logical’ and ’technical’ components. The logical components include mission, functional and information requirements, system configurations, and information flows. The technical components include IT standards and rules that will be used to implement the logical architecture, its convenient term for including both computing and communication network technology in the same world. It is technology that is driving what has often been called the "Information revolution".

Primary objectives of this programme:
  • The MSc-IT. program is designed to equip post graduate students with an integrated set of skills that will allow them to develop their professional careers in this area of information technology.
  • The focus of the program is to equip students with the theoretical and practical that is necessary to enable them to practical knowledge in the design of complex Computer applications/science.
  • The program not only presents the knowledge in the design and implementation of computer applications but also prepares students to embrace future developments in the field and has a demonstrated professional relevance.
  • The focus of the program is on skills that are not normally imparted to students during their course and that will develop post graduates’ capacity as leaders in the field.
  • Thus, the MSc-IT program is intended to prepare post graduates to pursue careers in industry, as software engineers, to establish their own consulting or software development companies.
  • In the ever-changing scenario of information technology, the program helps the students to acquire the latest skills and build their future capabilities using world-class technology. At the end of this program, the student will possess strong foundation of computer system and Information Technology.
  • Dexterity in advanced programming languages; Power to build sophisticated software for wide area of applications.
  • Skills to work with higher end applications in Internet Technologies; also managerial ability to analyze, design, develop and to maintain software development.
Skills Provided
  • Diagnostics and analytical skills
  • Project management and delivery skills
  • Quality and technology deployment methodologies
  • Technology framework and architecture for implementation.