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17 students & 3 teacher from Singapore visit Amplify

17 students and 3 teachers of Yishun Town Secondary School, Singapore visited the Amplify premises on 28th November 2008.

The purpose of the visit was to interact with the students of Amplify Mindware DITM and understand the functioning of various applications and learn about the modalities involved in complex IT Training. Aim was to understand how and why India is IT super Power, what goes behind making of IT professionals and how the entire Information Technology Domain functions in India. The visit also enlightened them and gave them a perspective on Technical and Techno-Commercial Career Prospects at global level.

Prashant Hinduja, Training Manager at Amplify had organized a workshop giving insight on Latest Mobile technology, Wireless Connectivity between Laptops and mobile using Bluetooth and how to code software for a mobile device using Java.

Mrs. Chanda Hirway, trainer at Amplify conducted session on different types of Computer Testing Methods, the advantages of testing and how to identify a bug in Software Testing (Manual).

Students of PGD program, Saurav Dhyani and Ankit Chauhan helped the students on connecting and coding mobile applications.

Priyanka Vyas and Gaurav Chauhan conducted a Mad-ad session for them following which, Pankaj Kumar (Monnu Maharaj) displayed his tabla skills and also taught a few tricks to interested students from the Singapore team. The team also enjoyed dancing on Indian tunes.

The students interacted with the Amplify staff. Sharing their experience, students from Yishun School put forward their views about Indian growth in technology, what they earlier thought about India and how their views changed after their experience during this visit.

Rakesh, Vijay, Mohit, Aditya and Roma, students of PGD and B.Sc (IT) together coordinated the whole event.

It was a great experience for students of 2 diverse countries to interact and understand each others’ education values, tradition and culture.

Going forward, Amplify plans to have more of such programs which would prove beneficial for both visiting and Amplify students.

Organizing Team
  • Prashant Hinduja : Training Manager
  • Priya Sarsar : Manager, Student Relations & Events
  • Padma Iyengar : Manager, Corporate Communications & Admissions
  • Mohit : PGD student (photography)
  • Aditya Bansal : PGD student (video recording)